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Ian Nelson is a dynamic force in the world of real estate, infusing every transaction with unwavering drive and laser-focused determination.  His approach is rooted in a firm belief in the power of innovative marketing, local expertise, and personal connections to elevate each and every deal to success.  With a keen understanding of market dynamics, Ian empowers his clients by educating them on how to navigate and interpret their unique market conditions, ensuring optimal outcomes.


Drawn to the renowned eXp brokerage, Ian joined forces with his Aunt and Mentor, Julie Nelson, to create an unstoppable duo that brings unparalleled market expertise to clients across diverse locations, whether they're seeking properties in bustling city centers, tranquil suburbs, or even contemplating a move to a different state.  Ian's unparalleled drive and meticulous attention to detail are not only evident in his real estate endeavors but also hark back to his illustrious past as a Michelin Chef.  With an impressive 19-year career as an Executive Chef at Michelin-rated restaurants and a successful stint developing a thriving catering business for a Chicago Start Up, Ian is no stranger to the demanding nature of industries that operate at lightning speed.  This experience honed his ability to think swiftly, gracefully handling any challenges that may arise.


In the culinary world, Ian learned the invaluable mantra of "Mis en Place" — a philosophy that dictates "Everything in its place."  This disciplined approach to life has instilled in him an unwavering commitment to organization, ensuring he tackles every task with utmost precision and efficiency.


Hailing from Central Iowa, Ian is a small-town kid with an extraordinary personality, destined for the big city life. A perpetual seeker of growth and knowledge, he dedicates a significant portion of his time to networking with industry professionals and participating in continual educational courses, always striving to stay at the forefront of real estate trends and practices.


When Ian is not revolutionizing the real estate world, he indulges in the vibrant offerings of Chicago.  With his beloved wife, Julia, and their two delightful dogs, he can be found exploring the Forest Preserves of Chicago, honing his golfing skills at local courses, and actively engaging in community recreational sport leagues. Ian's commitment to balanced living and his passion for community involvement create a well-rounded individual who is as dedicated to his clients' happiness as he is to his own personal fulfillment.

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